DeskHaus Desk Limited Warranty

We and our manufactures stand behind the products offered. Should you have any issues please contact us. 


Applicable Warranty Periods

20 Year

  • Vertex
  • Apex

1 Year

  • Custom Solid Wood Surfaces
  • HPL Surfaces 
  • Powdercoat Surfaces 
  • Byrne Power Products
  • Interstulh Seating 

DeskHaus Desk Warranty Exclusions

The product warranty is valid for the original purchaser of the product only and is non-transferable.

This warranty does not apply to:

    • Normal wear and tear that occurs with use over time
    • Products delivered outside of the United States and Canada
    • Above single-shift use (translation: 8 hours per day, 5 days per week). Warranty periods are reduced proportionally for above single shift use (translation: double-shift use will reduce a 10 year warranty to 5 years)
    • Wood products that experience natural shifting of color over time or due to light exposure
    • Damage caused by improper assembly or disassembly, improper cleaning supplies, customer modifications, abuse, or force majeure, such as fire, hurricanes or floods, use of a product in combination with items not appropriate for that product, misuse, abuse
  • Wooden surfaces

    The wood surface come with a 1-year warranty.

    Our tops are made of solid wood and with that comes certain irregularities like knots for instance. These knots are different from one wood slab to another and this trait is one of the many traits that give solid wood its uniqueness. Therefore, the warranty does not apply to the wood grain but is limited to the defect in material and in workmanship. Material and workmanship defects include cracks on the usable surface that can affect the surface’s integrity and the clear separation of wood planks at the seams of the usable surface. It’s important to note that wood is a living material that does not stay still during its lifetime. It is possible that small irregularities appear under the surface or on the sides because of temperature changes or sun exposure.

    At the reception of our product, it’s your responsibility to inspect the usable surface of the wooden top for defects in material and workmanship. The surface will be deemed clear of any defects if no issues are revealed by your inspection 3 days after you received the table top. Afterward, any minor cracks or irregularities is deemed to be resulting from the natural movement of the wood.

    Please note that solid wood is subject to:

    1. Variations in the wood grain (as mentioned above).
    2. A slight change of color over time.
    3. Minor cracks and irregularities due to normal wood movement.
    4. Slight bending, if the room temperature the surface is placed in is subject to variations of temperature and/or humidity.
    5. Scratches if a sharp object is used on the surface of the table, without any protective intermediary surface.

      * These situations are not covered by the warranty

Warranty covers parts only and does not include labor costs. 

The cost of repairing or replacing other property damaged in the event of a DeskHaus product malfunctioning (consequential damages) and the cost of lost time or loss of use of your desk (incidental damages) are not recoverable under this warranty.

Please keep all packaging materials until you have assembled, installed, and used all ordered items in the event that you notice any damage to your items or you decide to return any items within the approved return period. All returned products must be in the original packaging.